Another criminal proceedings in respect of clients upon tax evasion has been closed

Our attorneys have smoothly completed a case regarding protection of interests of group of companies engaged in the business of transportation and wholesale within confrontation with the financial investigation authorities and the prosecution service, and forced the officials of the said bodies to close criminal proceedings initiated in respect of our clients upon tax evasion in especially big amount.

The situation arose from registration by financial investigation authorities of criminal proceedings upon, in their opinion, aiding by the clients in tax evasion in big amount. Such actions could be actually purposed to bring pressure on taxpayers and to cease their business activity under the guise of investigatory actions.

Consequently, as a result of unlawful actions by certain officials of the financial investigation authorities and the prosecution service, our attorneys had been urged to proceed with performing of defence of violated rights of the clients by means of regular submission of petitions on closing of criminal proceedings, of complaints on failure to meet the reasonable terms of criminal proceedings, of attorney’s requests in respect of investigation details; judicial appeals against all illegal decisions and conclusions of tax audits; provision of legal support during all investigating actions conducted by the pre-trial investigation authorities with the participation of our clients; initiating of cross-actions of the fiscal authorities, as well as addressing to the prosecution service, the law enforcement authorities and the fiscal authorities of all levels, investigating judges, Business Ombudsman Council with the aim of showing and publication of all facts of unlawful actions of the fiscal authorities officials, the tax police and the prosecution service.

Tremendous job purposed to rectification of an injustice and recovery of business reputation of our clients had been performed by us during a period of more than two years of legal confrontation. Finally, as a result of the entire job performed, we managed to force the pre-trial investigation authorities to close such criminal proceedings. Congratulations to all the participants of this event!

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