The client’s interests have been successfully represented in the Administrative Court

Our specialists have effectually stood upon the rights of a company engaged in the business of transportation and recyclable materials trade representing the client as a third party within the dispute with the fiscal authorities during the court appeal against unlawful additional charges of taxes, made as a result of the tax audit of business relationship with the client.

The situation arose from performing by the fiscal authorities of the tax audit of the client’s counteragent, while the business relations with the client were being the subject matter of such audit. As the result of the audit, violations of tax legislation and additional charges of taxes in total amount due to the client’s counteragent were unfairly concluded in respective tax audit act.

Our lawyers got involved in the litigation representing the client as a third party at the stage of the court appeal against additional charges of taxes due to the client’s counteragent. We supported legal stance of the plaintiff and presented the scope of grounds and evidences proving rightfulness of the client’s activity and unlawfulness of actions of the fiscal authorities.

As a result of the court hearings, The Court of the first instance delivered a Judgment that was in our favour: The Court ruled additional charge of taxes and penalties illegal and cancelled the decision of tax authorities on the said additional charge.

At this stage The Court of Appeal affirmed the abovementioned Judgement of The Court of the first instance.

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