The rights have been stood upon within administrative offence case on traffic rules breach

An attorney of our firm has effectually stood upon his rights in the court hearings within administrative offence case consisted in the supposed breach by him of traffic rules with regard to not giving way to the cortege of leadership of the state.

The mentioned situation arose because of our attorney had been stopped by the law enforcement authorities’ officials under pretence of breach by him of traffic rules with regard to not giving way to the cortege of the head of the parliament and necessity of further formalization of respective administrative offence files. In return, the law enforcement authorities’ officials had been informed on unlawful nature of their actions and smooth compliance with traffic rules by a driver of the car which supposedly had not given way to the cortege.

During further court hearings our attorney has proved absence of the event of the mentioned administrative offence in his actions as a driver, as well as unlawfulness of the administrative protocol drawn in his relation. As a result, the Court has closed proceedings on the case.

At this stage we consider worthwhileness of application with a range of claims on collection from the state budget, as well as directly from certain law enforcement authorities’ officials drawing the administrative protocol, of amount of damage, non-pecuniary damage and loss of expected gain caused by unlawful stop of a car of our attorney, as well as further drawing of illegal protocol on administrative offence.

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