Court victory amounting to UAH 5,000,000.00!

Specialists of ArtesLex Law Firm have successfully represented our client – a private entrepreneur engaged in the business of recyclable materials trade – within the dispute with tax authorities. Such dispute arose as a result of performing by tax authorities of the tax audit resulting in finding of conclusions in respective tax audit act as regards, in tax authorities’ opinion, nullity of contracts done by the client, the VAT amount according to which had made up a total sum of UAH 4,951,838.00.

As a result of court hearing in respect of our client’s claim against tax authorities as launched by the lawyers of ArtesLex Law Firm, The Court of the first instance delivered a Judgment that was in favour of our client: The Court declared the abovementioned conclusions of tax authorities stated in the tax audit act unlawful and abusive. The Court of Appeal affirmed the said Judgement of The Court of the first instance.

Yet, the tax authorities applied to The Court with application on review of such Judgment in connection with new facts. Our specialists successfully represented the client within court hearing of this application. As a result, The Court delivered a Judgment that was in favour of our client: the said tax authorities’ application was dismissed.

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